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Toronto   .   Hamilton

core team is a real estate trio: one in downtown Toronto, two covering the Hamilton market, dedicated to our communities and local markets. 

Whether you’re buying, selling, investing—and particularly if you’re making the move between Toronto and Hamilton as many have—we pride ourselves on our full service approach to our work with clients. 

For those who are looking to make a move to one city or the other we are uniquely positioned to work closely with each other and, most importantly you, to ensure a seamless, efficient, and even fun, experience.



Brad's the Toronto connection—20 years of big city living testing out various neighbourhoods he's back downtown very happily living the condo life.

Brad spent several years living in the Hamilton area caring for a parent, if you're wondering about Toronto vs Hamilton, he's got that angle too. Reach out with your real estate queries (and when musing about neighbourhoods he's a solid source for restaurants, cafes, theatre, events—having spent years in the publishing industry add books/bookstores to that list); he's always happy to connect.

Over coffee is good.

Brad in a nutshell?

Bespoke service. He loves Toronto and he's tenacious in getting his clients their piece of the pie.





Corinne and family were wide open—having lived across western Canada and looking to make a permanent move they considered all options. The winner? Dundas Valley, Hamilton. Many years later it's still got her heart.

With 15+ years of real estate experience, countless renovations and successful home flips under her belt Corinne is a wealth of knowledge to her clients, indispensable she is! And she's fun. And she's a foodie.

Corinne in a nutshell?

Experience. As a realtor and as reno resource guru. Pick her brain, use her experience!


Being the daughter of a real estate broker and perusing MLS listings as a child, a rather advanced child, Hope was destined to be in real estate.

Also calling the Dundas area home Hope works with buyers, sellers and investment clients in the Hamilton area; given she owns a home in Chatham she has an understanding of this southwestern Ontario market as well.

Hope's skills include property management, project management, renovator and artist. Culture vulture? With a background in dance Hope's a likeminded soul.

Hope in a nutshell?

Tailored, professional service. Buy, sell, invest: Hope's a determined negotiator! 


Toronto or Hamilton, take a few moments to connect with one of us and let's see how we can help.

Questions and meetings are free, no obligation, find your right fit. We love real connection and we certainly do like to chat real estate and our respective home cities. Hit us up.



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